Working areas & projects

Our Mission
HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Bhutan builds on opportunities arising from the democratisation process by creating spaces for disadvantaged men and woman and by promoting equitable share in social and economic benefits.

Our Objectives
• Democratic governance at all levels with particular attention to local governance and empowerment of citizens;
• Rural livelihoods through sustainable management of common pool and private natural resources, and strengthened capacities to adapt to environmental change;
• Income generation and employment opportunities through skills development; and
• Access to quality basic education and skills development for life-long empowerment.

Our Transversal Themes
Our transversal themes are: Gender and Social Equity, Knowledge and Learning, Capacity Development, and Downward Accountability. Transversal themes address issues of overriding importance for our programme. Equitable access to resources and benefits of our programme, increasing the capacities of partners and primary stakeholders, promoting learning and reflection on practices and experiences, and enhancing accountability towards our primary stakeholders are important cross cutting themes.

To contribute to our mission and objectives, we have been engaged in three working areas:

Governance and Peace

Helvetas Bhutan
The focus in this working area is primarily on strengthening local governments in their increasing roles and responsibilities, and on supporting the emergence and development of civil society organisations (CSOs).

Skills Development and Education

Under this working area, the focus is on vocational skills development with specific attention to the (youth) employment intensive construction sector. A second focus is on skills development for group leaders and entrepreneurial youth.

Rural Economy

This working area focus on improving opportunities for rural livelihood through supporting sustainable management of natural resources, facilitating access to services and markets, and capacity development.